Arbitrary Fields

Create data field definitions with name, textual description, type and default value.

Choose from many different data types, such as boolean, color, integer, reference or vector.

Compose your fields into components, a concept embraced by a variety of game engines.

Field Definitions Window
Set Value Window

Context Information

Edit record values conveniently with tooltips and automatic validation.

Custom Types

Create custom data types such as enumerations, lists and maps of arbitrary existing types.

Custom Types Window
Export Template Example

Powerful Export Templates

Export your data in any arbitrary format - no matter what game engine you use, or which data format you prefer.

Data Integrity

Run integrity checks to verify all your data and discover broken references and other issues that might arise while refactoring or cleaning up your project.

Error List Window
Search Results Window

Advanced Search

Use advanced search features and find references to any custom type, field or records in your project.

Data Import

Import data from Excel files, CSV files and Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Import
Command Prompt

Command Line Support

Run from the command line to specify parameters and/or perform several tasks, such as exporting project data using your custom templates.

Localization Support

Export localization keys instead of actual string values when exporting data. Create localization kits in arbitary formats, including plain old CSV and industry standards like XLIFF.

Localization Kit